Lectures and Events

Oh WOW! Your Doctor is on the cover of The Progressive Orthodontist?!The Progressive Orthodontist Q3 Cover


Oct 28-29
The Progressive Orthodontist Study Group meeting, President, Dallas, TX

Jan 19-22
Damon Forum 2012, Attendee, Phoenix, AZ

Feb 20-24
The Pitts Progressive Study Club meeting, Attendee, Grand Cayman Island

Mar 3-9
Schulman Study Group meeting, Attendee, Virgin Islands

Apr 20-21
The Progressive Orthodontist Study Group meeting, President, Las Vegas, NV

May 4-8
American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session, Attendee, Hawaii, HI

Oct 12-13
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Annual Session, Lecturer, Monterey, CA

Nov 16
Seton Hill University School of Orthodontics, Visiting Faculty, Greensburg, PA


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Hit the Ground Running

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Evidence-based orthodontics

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Orthodontics is in the Details

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Lectures and Events