About Team CTO

Dr. Scott Law And Team CTOOur Motto:

We try to be the best part of our patient’s day. (We hope it shows)

Our Mission

We brighten futures through authentic smiles throughout our community.

Our Vision:

We are a proven, ever-innovation, industry leader. We provide excellence in Orthodontic care resulting in beautiful, confident smiles and genuine, unforgettable experiences. Every interaction reinforces that each person has value as an individual. We hope our positive interactions will motivate all recipients to uplift themselves and others. We provide rewarding opportunities for personal and professional growth. We encourage all employees to be themselves and be respected for it. We embrace meaningful involvement. Together, we experience success, work synergistically and of course celebrate!

Our Values:

Safety: As a medical provider, safety is of the utmost concern. We must first do no harm. We are scrupulously hygienic and always take the greatest care to make sure our patients are safe. We assure that everyone feel safe to speak up if they are concerned about any situation they see in the office.

Customer Service: Customers are the bedrock of any business, including ours. We strive to understand our patients’ expectations and meet those expectations. Whenever possible we should exceed their expectations. Every interaction with our patients is an opportunity to surprise and delight them.

team-cto-girlsFun: Throughout their treatment, our patients will spend a significant amount of time our offices. They should experience a fun and engaging environment while they are here. Visiting our offices should be the best part of their day. Every employee should have fun at work.

Trusting Relationships: The relationships we build with our patients, fellow employees and the community are vital to our business. We work to build positive trusting relationships with everyone around us. We address issues with any relationship in a mature and adult fashion.

Continuous Improvement: We live in a changing world. Rather than merely reacting to change, we proactively find ways to improve. We are open with others as we see things that can be improved. We act as change agents. Working with other to implement better ways to do things that help everyone.

Human Potential: Our business is based on the fundamental assumption that people can become better. We encourage those around us to achieve their full potential and allow other to change and improve. We work to achieve our own individual potential and are open to help others in these efforts. We allow everyone to be themselves and respect them for who they are and the incredible people they can become.

Integrity: Our patients place a great deal of trust in us. We live up to this trust by consistently keeping our commitments to others and ourselves. We remain ethical in all our interaction with others regardless of the circumstances.

About Team CTO