Broken or Pokey!

Broken Brackets and Poking WiresOUCH!

Some discomfort due to adjustments to appliances or getting your braces on for the first time is normal and NOT an emergency. In fact, real orthodontic emergencies are a rare thing. However, if you are experiencing extreme pain, have a broken appliance, have had an accident that has damaged your mouth/teeth, or have wires poking into your cheeks we welcome you to call us at anytime.

Anytime during business hours we’d love to get you comfortable if you do have a broken bracket or a poking wire. (don’t forget to bring your broken bracket from home)

Call us at T: 254.526.8666 or contact us here to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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Broken Brackets or Poking Wires

Broken or Pokey!